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Jungle Kids Room

Design A Wild Inspired "Jungle Kids Room" is easy to do....
Just follow our Step-by-Step directions and you can do it too!


Benjamin Moore paint Colors for the Jungle Mural:
Bottom Darkest Green
-Cactus Green 2035-20
Medium Green
-Grassy Fields 2034-30
Lightest Green
-Aurora Borealis 565
Light Blue Sky
-Blue Haze 1667

1-Jungle Kids Room Design List
-Toy Chest
-Garbage Pail

2-Furniture Layout
-Draw a scale model of your kids room. Draw in all doors and windows. On a seperate piece of paper cut out bed,
dresser, table, chairs, and all of the other furniture you are using in the room. Place paper furniture
on scale model and move around for comfortable furniture placement. Furniture usually has about 1.5'-2' space for
walking room.

3-Paint Colors
-Paint colors for a Jungle room can be varied. We suggest a Light green painted background with dark green bushes 
for use with our  pieces. If you use the directions use light sky blue for the upper walls and ceiling, light green for the
rolling hills in the distance, and dark green for the grass. Other colors beside green would be a deep tan or taupe.
Click here to print out DIY Painting Instructions:

There are many wonderful jungle themed bedding on the market. You can use a simple single colored kids bedding
set or one of  the Jungle Themes Bedding Sets.


Accessories are so much fun for a jungle kids room.
-Use a dark wicker basket for a garbage pail.
-Use branches from outside for hooks, simply clean them off and varnish them. You can use twine to tie
 some together for a fun natural look for the room.
-Use worn wood selving for your kids keepsakes.
-Stuffed lion, tigers & monkeys easily accessible for you child's playtime.
-Green area rug to simulate grass.
-And don't forget to add some hanging vines and dark baskets for an authenic jungle kids room.